Here is our  product Dead Lazy:

On the 7th of february we had both media class’s watch our product and asked for feedback on them.


1) What Genre do you believe is being conveyed in this product?

2) Was the product easy to understand?

3) Do you think the locations were appropriate for the product?

4) Were the characters believable?

5) What did you think of the title sequence?

6) Do you think there needs to be more of a background story?

7) What parts of the product do you think could be cut out of it?

8) Did you find the camera shots interesting?

9) Did you find the product authentic? (E.g radio broadcast and zombie makeup)

10) If you had to rate the product out of 10 what would you give it?

These questions were given to 20 people who were asked to complete these questions in order to gain feedback.

Results of Questionnaire:

Below shows what the majority of the people thought:

1) Horror Comedy

2) Yes

3) Yes

4) Yes

5) Positive comments

6) Yes, but not too much

7) Nothing

8) Yes

9) Broadcast yes, Zombie makeup no

10) 9/10


Overall the people who answered the questionnaire were very pleased with the 1st draft of the product, they particularly enjoyed the comedic elements of the film and enjoyed the two characters and how they react. Another positive of our product was that the audience thought that the locations and the surroundings we had chosen worked well for our product and also they liked the camera shots such as the title sequence when the car is going down the road. The sound was also praised as the audience felt that the music worked well for the genre and the narrative.

The negatives for our product was that the authenticity was a problem as people thought that the zombie makeup could have been better as it did not look as realistic as people thought that in some aspects it looked poorly done. Another issue for the audience was that of the title sequence as people thought that the font used for the title sequence could have been better. But overall the audience were very satisfied with our product.

Facebook Feedback:

 Below is feedback that i have gained from posting our prodcut on my facebook page, people then commented on what they thought of it and overall it was very positive as people said they really liked it.

Media Showcase Feedback:

On March 29th our media department held a Media Showcase, which celebrated our products, which we had made. During the showcase we gave questionnaires to the audience during the interval. We asked the audience to give us feedback on our product Dead Lazy through the questionnaire.

Here is our Questions that we asked the audience to answer:

1) Did you understand our product?

2) Did you find the product interesting? Why?

3)What Genre do you think was being shown? Why?

4) Do you think the characters shown were believable?

5) Do you think the title sequence was effective? Why?

6) Are there any shots that you found interesting? Why?

7) Were there any parts that you would cut/modify in of the product? Why?

8) Were our special effects believable? Why?

9) Do you think the transitions between shots were effective? Why?

10) What would you rate our product out of 10?

Below here is the overall results of the questionnaire:

1) Horror/Comedy

2) Yes

3) Yes


5) Positive Comments

6) Yes

7) Nothing

8) Yes

9) Broadcast yes, Zombie Make-up No

10) 9/10

Conclusion of Feedback:

From the feedback from the Media showcase there was two main problems that the audience had issues with. These were that they felt as though there wasn’t enough backstory to our product and that the zombie make-up that we used wasn’t as effective and the audience thought that it looked tacky in some senses. If we were to go back and change this then we would for the backstory issue w could emphasize more on the biohazard leaflet and right at the start when the scientist drinks the liquid we could put a biohazard sticker on it to give information to the audience. For the second issue of the zombie make-up we would have to research the zombie-make up and to try and find a suitable make-up and possibly do a survey and ask people if they felt that the new make-up is suitable.

Overall our product was very highly received by the audience that we asked as they thought the story was well structured, the characters were well thought of and believable and that the comedy was very original and most of the audiences thought that the comedy fitted in well with the horror and the film was an overall success.


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