Preliminary Task

Storyboard of Task

Below here are the 6 pages that each contain parts of the product in storyboard form.








Script of Task

 The Last Call- Script

(Tommy and Joe walking down corridor nervously)

(Both stop at door, Joe Knocks on door)

(Joe opens door)

(Both entre and sit opposite the Don)

Tommy: (Nervously) We both tried our best.

Joe: We’re sorry bos- (interrupted by Don)

Vinchenso: (Calmly) Well, you see boys….

                                    (angrily) Sorry doesn’t cut it!!!

                                    (bangs on table and rises) Goddammit! You have disgraced the family name.

Tommy: (apologetic) We didn’t mean to boss!

Vinchenso: (as he sits down) What the bloody hell went wrong?

Joe: Well you see, Tommy here (looks at Tommy) decided to screw things up for us both….

(flashback scene, grayscale)

(Joe runs to a wall and stacks up against it, followed by Tommy)

(Joe leans around the edge of the wall to look)

Joe: I think I see him

(target is standing in corridor facing the opposite way)

(Joe moves back against the wall and looks at Tommy)

Joe: Are you ready?

Tommy: (nervously) I think so

Joe: Ok…3,2,1 (interrupted by Tommy)

Tommy: (Loud sneeze)

(Target half-turns around, acknowledging Joe and Tommy presence)

(Joe panics)

Joe: (urgently) Run! Run! Go!

(Tommy and Joe run off)

(Back to office scene, color restore)

(All characters in same places as before flashback)

Vinchenso: Tommy, leave us (flicking wrist gesture)

(Tommy stands up and leaves the room)

Vinchenso: I want you to fix this problem (Puts gun on desk slowly)

(Joe looks at gun and hesitantly picks it up and nods)

(Vinchenso and Joe share a look and both stand up)

(Joe leaves room)

(Vinchenso turns around with hand behind back)

(Distance talking of Joe and Tommy- Whats the next job?-)

(2 gunshots are heard outside room)

(Vinchenso smiles)

Preliminary Task

Below here is a link to the Task we created on Monday 17th October 2011.

Evaluation of Task

During and Throughout the making of my preliminary task, i learned a variety of techniques and skills that helped me create the project. There were three compulsory techniques that had to be in the project and they were, Match on Action, Shot Reverse Shot and 180 Degree Rule. As well as techniques and skills, I also believe that our project could be improved in various ways if we were to have more time.

Match on Action:

One of the three main techniques that was compulsory was match on action. The match on action technique is about filming from different perspectives and matching the cuts and action and putting them all together when editing. This was used in my task in the scene in which two characters open the door, the cuts are used when the character knocks on the door, it then cuts to a close up of the hand, displaying match on action. I believe the use of match on action in my task was succesful as we managed to successfully put the cuts together to create the match on action which was the door handle. I think we did it well as we managed to clearly show the match on action with the close up of the handle and we did well at piecing together the cuts. The only issue I felt we could have improved was that we only had one use of match on action when we could have incorporated me into the project.

Shot Reverse Shot:

The second compulsory technique needed in the task was the use of shot reverse shot. This is used during a conversation as it is when it has a shot of one person’s back to the camera only showing the back of the head as that person listens to the person the camera can see. When the second person is ready to speak it will reverse the angle and have a back of the head shot to the person who is now listening. This is shown in my task during the conversation with the boss and the two men as when the boss speaks it shows the boss and has back of the head shots for the two men.  I believe my use of shot reverse shot is succesful as in my project as was able to successfully piece together the conversation with the use of shot reverse shot as each character speaks while also maintaining the 180 degree rule. The one point I think we could have improved was the lighting during the conversation as one part is very dark and then the next is light but overall it did not affect the project.

180 Degree Rule:

The third and final compulsory technique need in the task was the 180 degree rule. The 180 degree rule  is a basic guideline that states that two characters (or other elements) in the same scene should always have the same left/right relationship to each other within every scene they are in. This is used in my project in the conversation between the boss and the two men as throughout the conversation the camera sticks to the left side. I think that my project shows this very clearly for everyone to see and it clearly shows to the audience that I have abided by the 180 degree rule. The only issue with the filming that we could have improved was that during the shots where the two men were only visible by the back of the heads, we only managed to clearly show one man, if we had more time we could have gone back and made sure the camera clearly showed both men.

Forms and Conventions:

I think that my project succeeds in using forms and conventions from the genre I am using due to a range of reasons. One of the reasons I think my project succeeds is that of creating a certain type of aura around the mob boss character which is crucial in the mafia genre. I think we create this well by starting with the two men looking nervous suggesting that this boss is not a forgiving one and then the use of the shot which shows him sitting down and watching the characters walking in with a back of the head shot. This is highly effective as it creates a menacing image for the mob boss that the audience will want to see. As well as the mob boss, I think my project effectively portrays the feeling of the unforgiving nature that usually is in mafia films.

Social Groups:

In my project there is only one group that is focused on and that is the mafia group. I have portrayed then as unforgiving and I think this is shown in the project as the boss is very unforgiving and right from the beginning it is shown by how nervous the two men are by the prospect of having to talk to him. Apart from the mafia and i do not think I have any other social groups involved within the project. Therefore this could be an issue I could improve for my next project and possibly successfully implement it into the next project.


I think the audience for my project would be around the age of 20 to 55. I think this because that age group like the action orientated and thriller based films and I believe this age group are attracted to a mafia type film. I think this because I do not think that anybody younger or older than the age group I have mentioned would like this as mafia films tend to have a lot of back story to them which would put off the younger generation as they are more into the CGI and the blockbuster films with not much story but more action compared to the mafia films which have a lot of mystery and intrigue about them. I think my project would be succesful in attracting my audience as my project offered a lot of back story for a short film and intrigued the audience with the flashback moment to show what the men had done to be in trouble with the boss. The only issue I have with attracting the audience would be that it would not perhaps attract the younger section of my target audience as there is more talking than action.

Process of Constructing:

During and throughout the project I learned a lot about the technologies involved and how to construct my project. I think the most important technique while making this project was the art of getting the clips to fit together perfectly to create a sense of real-time within the project. I think our project does this well as our clips fit very well together to create the sense of real-time within the project. 

Strengths and Weaknesses:

I think my project was succesful because a range of reasons. I think my project did extremely well in fitting in all the compulsory techniques needed for the project as we managed to put them in and fit them in with the story that was going on within the project. I also believe that the clear camera work shown throughout the project and the storytelling within the project also worked really well for my task. For the aspects we could have improved I think I could have maybe added more elements of the compulsory tasks as I only showed them once and also i could have improved the lighting and the sound during the filming. As well as those I think I could have included more social groups and made it more friendly for all audiences. Overall I believe that the project was a success and had everything it needed.

Here are photos displaying the three compulsory techniques needed:



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