Evaluation of Products

Here is a link to our first draft of Dead Lazy:

Evaulation Question 1 for  our product:

In what ways does our meida product use,develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

To answer this question, i have created a 9 frame analysis, here is the presentation:

I have answered the question by selecting 9 shots that i think use, develop or challenge forms and conventions.

How typical/conventional is our opening? Evaluation Question 2

Title, fonts/styles:

Our titles that appear on the screen are conventional in some aspects as when the title Dead Lazy appears on the screen it is shrouded in darkness which show’s the horror element of our opening as well as the dark aspects of our product. Another conventional aspect of our product is that the Dead is colored in red which shows the horror element of the product to the audience. The unconventional aspects of the title appearing is that there is a upbeat tune in the background showing the audience that the film is not all horror and has comedic elements in it. The second unconventional aspect of the title opening is that Lazy is colored in orange suggesting to the audience that it has light hearted moments. The fonts and styles are also unconventional as they do not use typical horror style lettering.

Setting and Location:

Our setting and location is quite unconventional in alot of ways as it is set in a local town area where as alot of zombie films are on a massive scale in the sense that they are set in huge towns and city’s. It is conventional for some low budget zombie films as they are normally set in the villages and small towns. The town we haved used is our local town and it is unconventional as in zombie films the audience normally see from the start that the location is in tatters or is a wasteland but our product is different as it starts with the beginning of the outbreak.

Props and Costumes:

In our product we have used props and costumes that are both conventional and unconventional. The conventional props and costumes that we have used are the clothing that the character Owen wears as it is the typical suit and tie that the hard working character wears in horror or zombie comedy films. As well as Owen, the make-up used in the product is conventional as many of th zombie films use make-up to portray the zombie although in our final cut the make-up could be more authentic. The unconventional props and costumes in our product as the clothing that the character Richard wears as he is wearing lounge pants which are unusual in horror films and by having those clothes it creates a comical moment within the product. Also we used props such as ballons and quality street which are comical as normally in films the slacker character has more typical props such as pizza and beer.

Camera Work:

The camera work in our product is conventional as it uses the quick fire cuts like many horror films do to keep the audience on edge, an example in our product is when the hand on the door is shown for a split second to shock the audience and make them on edge for the next scene. There are also some unconventional camera shots in our product as there are shots that are not typical to horror such as exposing a whole room in the shot unlike horror films where are part is covered to create a jumpy moment. Also the lighting is always quite bright which is not typical of horror films.


The editing in the product is conventional and unconventional as it has the sharp quick fire cuts like horror films have but also incorporates the whole room shots to imply to the audience that there will be no jumpy moments. For the unconventional side there is the title sequenece with the edited in upbeat music which adds the comical side of things and tells the audience that the product will have its horror moments but also its upbeat light hearted moments making it unconventional.


The story of product is quite conventional as it follows many of the zombie films as it has a zombie outbreak with the film focusing a set of characters and there struggles of escaping the outbreak. Our product has an added element as it has the comical elements while also using the polar opposite effect for the two main characters so the audience will want to follow what these certain characters get up to making the film have a more unconventional feeling to it.


The genre of our product is conventional as many films now use the zombie genre as alot of audience find it exciting and interesting. The comical side is slighty more unconventional as it is very hard to fit comedy in with horror as they are two very different genres. The use of the zombie comedy in our product was very popular according to the feedback as many people thought it was different to what they saw making our product unconventional in some aspects.


Our characters are both unconventional and conventional. The character Richard is conventional to zombie comedy’s as he is the typical slacker who does nothing and who the comical moments come from throughout the film, he is also conventional as he has an obession with video games and that is a main theme in films such as Shawn of the Dead. Owen on the other hand is unconventional as he is a hard worker and likes working unlike characters like Shawn from SOTD as he doesnt like working where as Owen does. Also the use of polar opposites is unconventional.

Special Effects:

In our product our only real effects is the make-up we used to create the zombie. It is conventional as many zombie films use make-up to create the zombie and make it authentic. The only problem with our zombie make-up is that it could be more authentic, to ensure that our final product will be more authentic we will make the make-up look more authentic.

Main Character Analysis:  Task 2

Here is a powerpoint presentation of the similarities and differences between a character from our product and a character from a well known movie:

Director’s Commentary of our product: Evaluation Question 3

Target Audience: Typical viewer: Evaluation Question 4

Below is a powerpoint that i have created that details what we think is a typical viewer of our product:

Annotations of product: Evaluation Question 5 

Here is our Final Cut of Dead Lazy which we have annotated using youtube:

Equipment Analysis: Evaluation Question 6:

Preliminary Task comparison with Final Product: Evaluation Question 7

Final Cut of Product:

Here is our final cut for our product Dead Lazy:


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